My experimental process involves collecting specimens, combining natural materials with digital tools, layering and rearranging content, as well as translating recorded sounds into visual language. I begin my creative process by spending time alone outside. I believe we can access knowledge through slow, dedicated observation of our environment. During my process, I seek ways to connect, communicate, and obtain an active exchange with my surroundings. As we are part of nature, this process also encourages and employs self-exploration.

Through this work, I offer a glimpse of a subsurface world allowing life to be observed and the undiscovered attainable. Not only am I uncovering existing links between all living things, but I create new networks of connection, allowing multiple windows of discovery to open. The work that results is realized in sound, video, drawing, painting, and sculpture. 

I have received my Master’s of Fine Arts degree from Mills College in 2021. I currently live and work in West Marin.



2021 MFA, Mills College, Oakland, CA

2019 BA Studio Art, Mills College, Oakland, CA


2021-2022 Gallery Route One, Point Reyes, CA

2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA

2019 Senior Exhibition, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA

2018 Slide Space, Oakland, CA

2017 Winter Show, Long Weekend Gallery, Oakland, CA


1999 Youth Leadership Award, YLI (Youth Leadership Institute), San Francisco, CA